Building mind muscle….

I love delivering I-Act’s innovative, accredited, global courses which empower delegates to understand the critical need to ‘put themselves first’ – an alien concept for many. Humans are rarely brought up to put ourselves first. Instead, we make sure everyone else is thriving – even at the risk of our own well-being.

Change starts with us. We have to train our mind by scheduling in regular windows of fun throughout our day to build the mind’s muscle to challenge negative thoughts when they hit.

We take care of our physical health and sometimes ignore our mind health. As our mind is the powerhouse of our brain and our brain is the power house of our body – we need to get more proactive on building that mind muscle!

In addition to the proactive nature of I-act, it also teaches how to start, manage and end emotional conversations whilst validating and reassuring those we are listening to and maintaining our own safety with boundary statements.

As a global course, the tools and steps are universal. Ideal for companies with staff based globally.

In these times of intense pressure on resources and finances, it’s easy for businesses to ‘park’ training. This could end up costing them more money and higher losses than the cost of implementing I-Act training!

The photo above depicts the medical student delegates whose UK university was the first to gain iso45003 accreditation for workplace psychological safety, completing the course as Practitioners. How insightful for the university to see the benefits of equipping their students to learn these critical skills to reduce the risk of burnout in the professional medical careers.

Shouldn’t every workplace ensure they rollout this training as part of their induction process?

Time for us all to take control, build our mind muscle to ensure we thrive as well as everyone around us.

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