Senior Managers – First Aid – A One Day Course in Mental Health

Following the lunchtime powerhouse, I was given the opportunity of delivering a one day workshop to senior managers from a global accountancy firm and their on-site contractors – themselves global firms!


The brief was to scratch the surface on the massive subject of mental health, enable debate on language around stress/pressure, depression/feeling blue and so on and then to give some strong signposting and ‘takeaway’ learning.


Taking the last first, I wrote what I’d like to have as a ‘takeaway’ learning sheet if I was a delegate.  A number of things leapt to mind!

1)   What support internally was available?

2)   ‘First instance’ external support – who do I call….?

3)   Key differences on common language use

4)   Non-negotiables to consider when supporting staff

5)  Easy examples of things I can do to look after myself and others

6)  Key messages of the day – recognise a change and start a conversation


Activities included case studies, brainstorming symptoms, pinning a symptom on a disorder, power breathing, visualisation and stress buckets – which were positively commented on.


The standard course of MHFA was also delivered covering all four sessions including mental health, suicide and depression, anxiety – including self-harm and eating disorders ending with psychosis.


The evaluations received were brilliant.  I felt a huge achievement in devising and delivering this workshop.


Comments from evaluations:


‘A thoroughly informative programme’

‘Excellent course.  I hope more staff get the opportunity to attend’

‘A really informative session’

‘Motivational, opens thinking on difficult issues’

‘Very informative and gives skills you wouldn’t normally encounter’


The delegates left empowered, enthused without one feeling the course was too long or a waste of their time.   I could not have wished for better results.




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