Current status of Growing Talent

The Employer Assessments and Selection process saw seven people selected leaving 10 jobs unfilled.

The seven are thriving with their mentors on site at Sheridan Maine – learning recruitment, Harrow Green – learning business moves and bid writing!, Aramark understanding customer service and bookings, Portico learning front of house operations and design with Mitie TDM in Manchester.

Bonds have already been built with a lot of support between the guys – Andy, Kavita, Mo, Ariane, Madi, Adeola, & Matt.  Currently planning and booking the Latimer Vibe experience in November.  Can’t wait to see the manuals in print!

This number may increase with three of the guys who weren’t selected going forward for new jobs tomorrow – potentially some late joiners!

To ensure we don’t have unfilled places again, we’re exploring advertisements as well as liaising with housing associations,  community centres and colleages.  Senior management meeting planned for December with JobCentre Plus as well.

Very exciting times.

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