New Year – New Way of Working

I chose this year not to make any new year resolutions.  Past performance shows none last despite the best intentions!


Instead, this year I thought about what would really make the strongest difference to me and deliver the biggest, positive impact on my life?


Like many self employed people and indeed employed, I had an ’empty in-tray’ ingrained in my work ethic.


‘If you clear your in-tray, you feel like you have achieved something’. Really – where did that come from?  I don’t actually remember being taught this but it’s the unseen DNA strand that has always been there.


Why spend time clearing an ‘in-tray’ when I could be meeting some amazing people, designing a great workshop, or painting my house?  I couldn’t answer that one.


We live in a truly 24-7 society – connected to the internet we are perceived by others as being available constantly.


When did it become the norm to read/type/send texts walking along the platform after getting of the train in rush hour – so dangerous, or juggling emails on our mobiles whilst trying not to spill our take out coffee?  Why can’t we wait until we reach the office?  Why can’t we get up and talk to colleagues two rows down rather than send them an e-mail?


We are in danger of having the life, innovation and creativity sucked out of us by our own thoughts/actions!


My pledge for 2016 is to take a breath, ensure I have taken the time to innovate, take notice of what is going on around me and engage with others.


If I have one or two things left in my in-tray at the end of the day, I will see that as a success because I have given myself the time to just be.


All good wishes to you for 2016.







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