Who knew…..

Everyday appears to be an ‘international day’ of something.  12 April is both the International Day of Human Space Flight – started by the UN to mark human endeavours in space since the first space flight containing humans on 12 April 1961.


12 April 2018 is also International Street Children’s Day.  Looking deeper into this I discovered the CSC (Consortium for Street Children) was based in London and the Consortium had been started in 1993 by the then PM – John Major!


With no publicity in mainstream press, the consortium has grown to over 100+ partners.  What struck me was the memories I have of John Major as PM are the opposite of a dynamic leader delivering results.  Was he mis-represented?  I think he must have been.  He is now the Patron of CSC.


It amazes me how some people we feel are in the background and insignificant are in fact unsung heroes!

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