Jobs, Jobs, Jobs………….

If we listened solely to the media, we could be duped into believing all is ‘doom and gloom’ on the prosperity of the UK.  This of course, again thanks to media outlets, is all due to Brexit.


There is no balanced reporting.  So I wanted to share how businesses appear to be growing – especially in London.  For the last year or so, employers have been few on Growing Talent.   Now the excitement is swelling with 14 different employers with multiple jobs!


Clearly some businesses are looking very bright. They are not waiting for the outcome of Brexit but taking the opportunity to expand and grow now!


So, if you are reading, listening, watching the news – remember there is another side, maybe more positive, which isn’t being reported.


Jobs, jobs, jobs – the future will be bright for those selected by employers at the end of July/early August!



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