Latimer Vibe Mark 3!

A briefing session for the 3rd Latimer Vibe takes place at PwC Hays Galleria tomorrow (4 November).  The content of the workshops delivered grows each time.  We have a new manual to encompass all of the workshops running at 57 pages!  Topics now covered include:


It’s Your Money – a basic, broad range look at personal finance from banking accounts, direct debits vs standing orders through to savvy saving practices, store/credit cards, debt management, mortgages through to increasing income potential.


How to get fit! – insight in how to plan a routine to ensure you increase your individual fitness level without gym membership


Fitness without the gym – blood pumping techniques for when you are desk-bound!


Hippy dippy – a look at well-being and positive thinking


Health Nutrition Bites – focussing on healthy eating on a budget


Practical Kitchen – the essentials to know about cooking for your self, food hygiene etc


Housing – some signposting for emergency housing and a look at what to consider if you are in secure accommodation but want to plan an independent move


In addition to the above all seven Growing Talent Associates will undergo the two-day global Mental Health First Aid course which will enable them to deliver first aid in this specialist area if they wish to.  It will definitely enable them to look after themselves better.


We have visiting managers delivering workshops in the above areas along with plenty of relaxation time which can be spent exploring the grounds, in the swimming pool, sauna or gym.  I expect a beer in the bar at the end of the day will be welcomed as well.


should be an exhausting but fun three days ahead.  Latimer kicks off Wednesday 5 November ending on Friday 7 November.

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